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Include Multiple Addresses for Group Form Letter

Question asked by mvangieson10 on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by arjen.evertse

I'm new to Filemaker and I am trying to figure out how to create a form letter that I can address to multiple contacts instructing them to send information to another contact. I am working with three tables: Projects (Main Table), Role Players (Related to Projects), and Contacts (Related to Role Players).


An example of what I want to generate would be something like below:


Role Player 1                              Role Player 2                    Role etc.

[Address Block]                          [Address Block]


Dear ______:


Please send all bills:


          Role Player - 3

          [Address Block]


Who I address and who is to billed changes throughout a project. I first started with the layout context over Role Player and that was great to write information to the Role Player, but I couldn't figure how to pull information in from other Role Players.


Then I moved the context over Projects and created a popover at the top with a portal window that pulled in all project related role players into the portal. In that portal I created a column to check in each row to include the contact in the address block that field was generated in role player table. I can check the include box. But then I don't know what script to write to filter the selected group, copy each address block and paste that into the GroupAddress Field.


I want something like the List function but I want it to be filtered based on the selections the user makes in the popover.


Then I want to be able to put a return between the each returned result. I'm looking at loops and if statements and creating extra fields, but just not sure how to get it done.  And would love to receive some directions or guidance. Thanks.