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    Insert from device not working?


      I have a simple solution on my iPhone that allows me to take photos of receipts so I don't have to save all the paper copies.  This solution is a remote one that is actually running on Filemaker server back at the office.  I can access it and view the photos taken previously with no problems.


      This solution has been working perfectly for the last few months and now all of a sudden, if I click the button to take a photo of a receipt, I get a black screen on my iPhone. 


      Even if I click the photo button to take a picture, nothing happens.  I've restarted my phone and verified that I can take a photo by accessing the camera normally on my iPhone, but can't figure out why this FMGO solution is acting this way.  Any ideas?


      The attachment is a screenshot of the screen that appears when I click the Capture Receipt button on my iPhone.


      The other attachment is the home screen on this solution showing the only two options available, and yes, I can view the photos of the receipts taken previously without any problems.

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          Here is the script that is being run to take the photo.


          Set Error Capture [ Off ]

          Allow User Abort [ Off ]

          Go to Layout [ “Capture_Receipts” (Reciepts) ]

          Adjust Window

          [ Resize to Fit ]

          New Record/Request
          Insert from Device
          [ Reciepts::RECEIPT; Type: Camera; Camera: Back; Resolution: Full ]

          If [ GetContainerAttribute ( Reciepts::RECEIPT ; "Filesize" ) = 0 ]

                Delete Record/Request

               [ No dialog ]
          Go to Layout [ “iPhone - Home” (AppData) ]

              Commit Records/Requests

             [ No dialog ]
          Set Variable [ $$EditingInfo; Value:False ]
          Go to Layout [ “Edit_Receipts_Info” (Reciepts) ]

          End If

          Exit Script [ Result: 1 ] #End of Script


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            I think that it possible to get as far as blocked camera (IMG_0168) by the camera Setting on the iOs not allowing it.  Try and check the settings to see if the camera isn't turned off (blocked) in Settings.

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              When you restarted your phone, did you close all fmgo files first.  If not I would recommend closing all files, kill the app with s swipe up and then restart the iPhone.  If you leave a file open and restart the iPhone, surprisingly the temp folder will not clear because of the open file.  I suspect a lot of FMGo problems occur because of memory issues with the temp folder.  If you create a new file and use the script in the new file, does it work on your iPhone?

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                Laura - Camera is on, otherwise, I wouldn't be able to take a photo with the Camera app.


                I killed FMGO and restarted the phone with no luck.


                I'm going to delete the app and add it back to the phone to see if that resolves it.  Thanks for the suggestions, but no luck yet.

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                  Tried restarting the app but nothing seems to work.


                  Camera works on phone and I can take a photo.  Should I try removing FMGO, restart, then install it again?

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                    Here's what I did to fix it.


                    I deleted Filemaker GO and then when I reinstalled it and attempted to take a picture of the photo, it asked if I wanted to allow this app to use the Camera app.  I said yes, and it is working again.


                    I think what happened is that the app was not allowed to use the camera app so it stopped working.  Must have been something I changed in the settings.

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                      The place to check is in Settings -> Privacy -> Camera -> FileMaker Go


                      It is possible to have to have the camera working and taking pictures, but not have it enabled for FileMaker Go.

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                        Laura Betz meant that FMGo did not have permission to use the camera, the setting was off.    FMGo has to have permission to use the camera, if it does not then you will get a black screen.  As you can see reinstalling will force FMGo to asks permission again.   You can change under settings.   Note a user can turn off camera permission for FMGo under setting, so it would be working and then stop as you describe.  

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                          My Guess is an Apple update to the IOS got in the way.  Did you do an update to the phone?  Apple has been updating things and seems to be tightening security as part of the updates.