Insert from device not working?

Discussion created by jjfcpa on Feb 21, 2017
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I have a simple solution on my iPhone that allows me to take photos of receipts so I don't have to save all the paper copies.  This solution is a remote one that is actually running on Filemaker server back at the office.  I can access it and view the photos taken previously with no problems.


This solution has been working perfectly for the last few months and now all of a sudden, if I click the button to take a photo of a receipt, I get a black screen on my iPhone. 


Even if I click the photo button to take a picture, nothing happens.  I've restarted my phone and verified that I can take a photo by accessing the camera normally on my iPhone, but can't figure out why this FMGO solution is acting this way.  Any ideas?


The attachment is a screenshot of the screen that appears when I click the Capture Receipt button on my iPhone.


The other attachment is the home screen on this solution showing the only two options available, and yes, I can view the photos of the receipts taken previously without any problems.