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Discussion created by lrodri007 on Feb 21, 2017
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Good afternoon,

I have a list of fax logs that I am using FileMaker to keep track of.  I need to get an extra step of refinement when doing searches.

As of now I have two scripts:

1. Finds all Faxes that successfully transmitted

2. Finds all Faxes that failed transmission


At first you would think doing one gives me the other but that's where I have a 3rd criteria - user dialed error or busy signals.  I need to distinguish these as they should not be counted as failed for my purposes. 


So when I run the scripts. I get what the script intends, except the omitted portion included the false/positives I mentioned above.  For example if I sent 10 faxes and 3 failed, I am left with 7 in omitted list, but of that list I have 3 busy signals.  In the end it I should not calculate 3 failed out of 10 but 3 out of 7. 


Any thoughts on how to get the correct numbers which I can get percentage from while omitting the false positives?