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    Find/Calculation, Final Reporting


      Good afternoon,

      I have a list of fax logs that I am using FileMaker to keep track of.  I need to get an extra step of refinement when doing searches.

      As of now I have two scripts:

      1. Finds all Faxes that successfully transmitted

      2. Finds all Faxes that failed transmission


      At first you would think doing one gives me the other but that's where I have a 3rd criteria - user dialed error or busy signals.  I need to distinguish these as they should not be counted as failed for my purposes. 


      So when I run the scripts. I get what the script intends, except the omitted portion included the false/positives I mentioned above.  For example if I sent 10 faxes and 3 failed, I am left with 7 in omitted list, but of that list I have 3 busy signals.  In the end it I should not calculate 3 failed out of 10 but 3 out of 7. 


      Any thoughts on how to get the correct numbers which I can get percentage from while omitting the false positives?

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          Thank you for your post!


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            How does the data differ for each type of entry?


            assuming that a single field has a different value for each category, such as: "success"; "misdial"; "failed"; "busy", you would only need specify "failed" to get what you want, but I am guessing that it's not that simple.


            Thus, I suspect that you have a field with "success" or "failed" and you need to find "failed" while omitting those with "failed" that also have data in another field that identifies dialing errors and busy signals.


            There are two ways to do that:

            1) To the original find request for "failed", add a second tequest with the omit option to omit those that have data identifying them as misdials or busy. You will likely need two such omit requeststs--one for each of the two types you need to exclude.


            2) After finding "failed", return to find mode and set up the same omit request(a) as 1) but use constrain found set instead of perform find.

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              Thanks for the guidance.  Have been quite busy and have not had time to try this out but will this week.

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                Sorry never got back to this original reply.  And being new to Filemaker took a while to sit down and work this out, but both your options worked just fine.  Of course building a find with all criteria was fastest way to get the results.  Was able to upgrade to Advance FM this past spring and now having option to save my Finds makes this so much better.