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XML XSLT parsing error temp file

Question asked by tvrv8s on Feb 22, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2017 by user19752

I have a large XML file with hundreds of records. I have a working XSLT file. They have worked fine for many months.


Now, Filemaker informs me there is an error.


SAXParseException: expected end of tag 'hr' (Occurred in entity 'c:/thepath/temp/FMTEMPFM6076_120.xml', at line 11, column 3.)


Other tools tell me the XML is valid, the XSLT is valid and the XML transforms successfully. But Filemaker breaks.


I've searched over the data and tried to find a broken <HR> tag. There is not one. I've checked the XSLT with some clean test records and it works, so something in the data is breaking it further down. To go through each in turn will be terribly inefficient.


So..... is there any way to see the temp file Filemaker lists above? It doesn't exist in the Temp folder, so I can't check line 11, column 3 to see what's breaking Filemaker's import. I assume the file is created and destroyed while Filemaker is trying to import the XML, so there's no point actually telling us what line and column number it is.