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Newbie - quick start tutorial The pdfs and container problems

Question asked by bucephalus on Feb 22, 2017
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I'm just learning Filemaker and doing the quick start tutorial. AT the part where you place the contract container onto the contract tab I have issues.

Once I have placed the contract container, along with optimising it for pdfs in its respective inspector, I change over to browse mode and attempt to drag and drop the contract pdf into the field as instructed in the tutorial. All it does is turn the container from white to gray. I still cannot see the pdf opened up in the contract container.

I'm running this on windows 10 with adobe acrobat 2015. Has anybody seen this kind of behaviour before and resolved it? See attachment of image of result.

Also, lasnight I was actually getting an error message regarding adobe acrobat: "There is a problem with Adobe Reader, If it is running, ... Error (9:9)" I played around with the preferences in acrobat to try and resolve this, but still get this gray field and not even sure if what I did actually was the cause of the error not showing.

Can anybody help here?