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    Newbie Question - What version of Filemaker?




      Sorry I'm new to Filemaker and was wondering if someone could give me some advice on what version of filemaker I should purchase. I would like to be able to design an app in Filemaker Pro and then use Filemaker Go to view on an iPad. Can I store the app file developed in Filemaker Pro in my cloud storage and access it from there to open it in Filemaker Go or do I have to purchase Filemaker server? A bit confused? Thanks

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          The best development environment is FileMaker Pro Advanced because you get extra development tools.

          Do you only plan to use the file on the iPad after development is finished?  If so then just copy the file to your iPad when you are done.  If you want to make modifications then just copy the file back to your desktop, do modifications and copy it back to the iPad.


          If you want to use it on the iPad and your desktop then the options are:

          1) Use FileMaker Server - by far the simplest and most reliable way when up and running.  And you get automated backups.

          2) Leave FileMaker Pro running and access the file on your iPad via the open -> remote option. You need to port forward 5003 on your router to the desktop.

          3) Copy the file back and forth from the iPad to your desktop making sure you are working on the latest copy.  This is dangerous and time consuming, you don't want to accidentally use the wrong file and lose data.

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            Agree with Carl....get FMP Advanced. Once you write your first script, you'll be quite glad you have it. There are other features in advanced you'll appreciate as well.

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              FM can host databases up to 5 connections.  If you are going to have more than 5 concurrent connections at a time then you will need FMS.  The database can also be stored locally on the device as a standalone database.


              Cloud storage can be used to move database in between your computer and devices but it can not host the database.   Cloud storage can be dangerous to use.   Cloud server write over files, and if the file is already open then a new copy is created, then you will inconsistent data.


              I also recommend FMPA for development.