Custom Popup Values to Filter List View Records

Discussion created by petey on Feb 22, 2017
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Hey! First post!


I've learned sooo much from this forum... You guys rock!


(Using FM 15 Pro Advanced on a Mac)



Popup button that displays a custom list, which in turn sorts records in list view.



I have a table with fields for school dates ( Date ) , locations, prices, etc.


There is a data entry layout and a list view layout. In list view layout, the users will only want to see the current year's list of schools. There will be a date on every record, of course. For example:








In list view, I want a popup in the header that just shows the years, with no duplicates:





Once the year is selected, I presume there will be a script trigger that sorts the records. That part I can probably do. But creating the custom list, without duplicates has been a nightmare. (I'm new, haha). I've come close.


I've tried:


1. Right ( Date ; 4) -----> but this just gives me one record with the first part of the date stripped, but not all related records.


2. List (Related::Date) ----->FM doesn't like the word "Related" and won't allow me to enter the calc. I must be missing something here!


3. Summary field set to list ( Date ), called sum_date  ------>This lists all records nicely. I created another calc field with: Right ( sum_date ; 4 ) ----> just shows one record.


4. Used a conditional formula on the sum_date: Right (Self ; 4). No go.


Any help would be appreciated.