FM Cloud - PSOS Compatibile Script Steps and Functions

Discussion created by JeffHenry on Feb 22, 2017
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Hi Community,


Does anyone know if these functions are functional when doing PSOS on FileMaker Cloud?

- Export Field Contents

- Import Records


Edit: I've verified that Get(TemporaryPath), Get(DesktopPath), and Get(DocumentsPath) all return valid paths, but I am getting an error code of 3 when trying to export a container field to the temporary path.


Can't find any documentation on compatibility with FM Cloud.


I'm looking to do a PSOS export/import process on a FM Cloud Instance. Client needs to frequently import .csv files into their hosted solution on FM Cloud. This consists of about 2500 records with 20 fields per record. Across the network, this takes about 15-20 minutes. I believe with a traditional FileMaker Server setup you are able to use PSOS to export the file locally to the server from a container and have the PSOS import the file into the table. I am trying to replicate this on FileMaker Cloud.





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