Server 15 : Unable to connect MySQL ESS if SSL is enabled

Discussion created by ave on Feb 23, 2017
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One of our clients has MySQL 5.6.x on Amazon RDS and use it as an ESS of locally installed FileMaker Server.
To protect the traffic, SSL option is enabled in the advanced option of the DSN.
This setup has been working fine for years with FMS 13 wtih Actual ODBC driver v2.

Now they are planning to upgrade FMS to 15, but found out that FMS 15 is incapable of connecting to the same MySQL ESS if SSL is enabled.

Strangely, the same DSN works fine with FM Pro 15 on the same machine (see the additional info).


Verified on two separate environments.

Environment (A)

  • FileMaker Server
    • Mac Pro (Mid 2012) 6GB RAM
    • OS X El Capitan 10.11.5
    • FileMaker Server 15.0.3
    • Actual Open Source ODBC Driver 4.0.5
    • Language setting: Japanese
  • MySQL 5.6.19 (Amazon RDS)

Environment (B)

  • FileMaker Server
    • VirtualBox 5.0.32
    • OS X El Capitan 10.11.5
    • FileMaker Server 15.0.3
    • Actual Open Source ODBC Driver 4.0.5
    • Language setting: Japanese
  • MySQL 5.6.34 (Amazon RDS)

Steps to reproduce

If you setup MySQL, SSL support must be enabled. On Amazon RDS, SSL is enabled by default.

  1. On Amazon RDS, create a new MySQL 5.6.x instance with a test table.
  2. On FMS 15 machine, create a new DSN in ODBC Manager with SSL option enabled.
    • Download and specify this certificate file in the 'Authority' field.
    • At the end of DSN settings, press 'Test' to verify SSL being enabled. There should be lines like 'Server supports SSL: YES' and 'SSL encryption method: AES256-SHA'.
  3. Create a new FM database file and publish it on the FMS.
  4. Open the database file using FMPro 15 and create a new external data source.
    • Type: ODBC
    • DSN: Select the one created on step 2
  5. Open 'Manage' -> 'Database' -> 'Relationships' and add .
  6. Add a new table occurence and change the 'Data Ssource' to the created one. You will be asked to enter user name and password.
  7. Enter the user name and password and click OK.

Expected result

The test table appears in the list.

Actual result

After a long wait with rainbow cursor, a dialog with the following message is displayed and the table list remains empty.


ODBC communication/link error.
Please check your network connection and/or database server.

Additional information

  • If SSL is disabled in the DSN setting, it works as expected.

  • I installed FM Pro 15.0.3 on these FMS machines and followed the steps 4-7 on a newly created local file. Then it worked as expected. If this file was published on the server, opening the file with FM Pro resulted in the same error after a long wait.

Let me know if there is anything we should try.


We would like to know if there is any.