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Issues with remote file access rules.

Question asked by twelvetens on Feb 23, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by twelvetens

I have a solution hosted on FMS by a client on their own server.


User's logging in to the system use a Launcher file. This has been working for years.


Recently did some dev work on a clone copy, got the changes signed off, then used FM Refresh to import the 'live' data into the dev files.


Now something strange has started happening. First few days, everyone logged in fine, then all of a sudden, user's started getting prompted that the <insert name of launcher file> was not authorised to access <name of solution file> and needed one-time auth etc etc. Thought this was strange, but went ahead and authorised the file. Checked the security settings of the hosted file, saw the Launcher file listed, thought is was all good. But it didn't work - user's still getting requested for one-time auth. Ended up resetting the File Access settings for the hosted file, and then re-entering all the external references and authorising them.


This worked fine for a few logins to, but then at some point it all stops working again, and although the settings seem unchanged, and the authorised file list looks unchanged, it's as though the solution has 'forgotten' the Launcher file, even though it's listed. Resetting everything and starting again works for a while, but then inevitably stops soon after.


Needless to say, client is under-whelmed. Any ideas? File Corruption? Anything else?