Appearance of check boxes and text fields - ideas for harmonious dispay?

Discussion created by DrewTenenholz on Feb 23, 2017
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It may be silly, but I'd like to be able to display one field with a check box option using the check mark, and another field which is a basic text box that displays as a check box or a dash and I want the two check marks to actually look the same.  Does anyone know a way to do that?  (i.e. is there a particular font/style displays a check mark identical to the check mark in the check box options?


More details:

It is simple enough to set up ways to allow users to 'select' multiple rows in a portal.  Mine uses a script to set a global $$variable and a calculation field which returns a "1" if the record ID is in the list.  If one sets up a custom value list ith a single value of "1", places the field on the layout and formats it as a check box based on the value list using the display as check mark option and makes the filds pretty small, you get a 'checkable box'.


Now, I've got a tiered list in the portal with self-referential 'parents' and 'children' and the ability to delect a whole gropu of related recrods.  Technically, this works fine.  But, now I have a calculated field to show check mark when the parent and ALL of the children are selected, and a dash when only  SOME of the children are selectd. (and nothing when none are selected....). 


The problem is that the check mark from the check box and the one from a text field don't look the same, and I'm trying to have a uniform UX.  Any help is appreciated.


-- Drew