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    Flash cards file


      Hello all,


      I am just wondering, before re-inventing the wheel : is there any template available somewhere that could inspire me in creating a simple and efficient flash card FileMaker solution ?

      With random reviewing, maybe rating, etc...


      Thanks for your help



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          If you're up for a challenge, I put together a FM web viewer library. One of them is an integration that takes FM data and puts it into flash cards. you get some nice animations on each card and some fade out transitions and such.

          Web Viewer Integrations Library - Soliant Consulting

          The challenge comes in that it is web viewer based, and would take some time to set up, but it is very flexible. It may be overkill for what you need, but it is an option.


          Note: at this time, it is best on a mac and using Pro instead of WD. Windows has problems with that particular integration; i'm working on some windows-safe ones.


          check out the file and walk thru the videos; it is there to help you understand how this thing works.

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            Bertrand, I created a math flash card solution for my grandson. I used the Speak script step (MacOS only) so he could have voice prompts (an added benefit for LD students). I was very disappointed that I could not port it to iOS (FMGo), so he could take it with him on his iPhone. Otherwise, you are on your own and whatever your imagination (and with FM's functionality) can devise.


            Jeremy's suggestion of using Web Viewer is excellent, though it takes a little more work. There are some 'animation' tricks one can do without web viewer, but they take work as well.



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              Beverly, I am as disappointed as you as a iPad or a iPhone cannot speak whereas Mac does it.


              Generally, in my softwares, I use the sound devices and the dictation. With FileMaker Go, it is necessary for the moment to forget.

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                and yet I only got 3 votes on this:

                Add Speak to FMGo (and Windows, if possible)


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                  Hi, beverly!

                  How about using webviewer to speak on FMGo?

                  I use SpeechSynthesis.speak in JS.

                  Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 18.59.42.png

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                    Excellent suggestion, Sam! I'll have to test it out.


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