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The Layout is Beautiful, but very cumbersome to print with the right settings!

Question asked by user28222 on Feb 23, 2017
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I have sold and implemented a beautiful solution in Filemaker - the layouts came out exactly as the client specified and maybe even exceeded their expectations.


I have one small issue that the client finds annoying:  The client just wants to click a button and print out the report in a 17x11 paper with landscape orientation on his HP laser - however he has to go through the print dialog every time to make sure it comes out right.  Further adding to the drama is the printer has an option to print two-sided and the print dialog always has the default set at two-sided printing on.


Is there a way or plug-in anyone can recommend that will allow the ability to just click on one button and not go through the dialog, thereby saving time and avoiding mistakes?


Thanks as always!