Reading container data from a file server in FM Server 15

Discussion created by JacobHickman on Feb 23, 2017
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I am having an issue with a Filemaker Server 15 database reading container data from a file server. The container data (audio files, video, etc.) reads just fine when I open up the Filemaker database locally on the server machine (a Retina 5k iMac), but when I open the database from a FM client, the container fields register an error and I cannot listen to or watch any of the content. Any ideas out there as to how to make this work?


So, here is the setup:


-I have Filemaker Server 15 installed on an iMac (Retina 5k iMac with 16GB of RAM) with a static IP on our internal network

-I configured the "additional database folder" and "additional container data" folder in the FMServer admin console to read data from our file server (a Qnap Raid 10 file server on the same internal network), and I installed FMServer with a 'local' account that has login rights for the appropriate share on the Qnap file server (per the FM Server instructions).


With this setup, FMServer WILL read the database from the network share on the file server (e.g., /Share/Filemaker Server/Data/Databases/), but WILL NOT read the container data in the same share folder (e.g., /Share/Filemaker Server/Data/Databases/Container Data/) when I open the database from a FileMaker Pro client. However, it WILL read the contained data properly when I open the same database (once I close it on the server) from the same iMac that is running Filemaker Server. In other words, if I open it on the iMac with a local copy of FileMaker Pro, all of the container data work just fine, with the exact same settings.


Any ideas on what I might need to tweak to get container data to work on Filemaker clients in this environment?