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We have a two-file solution; where the Main file is hosted via FMS and is in general use. The Mobile file is used in the field as a local file on iPads by about 20 staff. We do have it hosted also, however, it is hidden in Open Remote, and it’s there primarily for developer improvements, and also so that the client can add user accounts to both files via a single button in the Main file. We have synching scripts in the mobile file that download appointments to the iPads for each day, and then upload the finished appointment info as needed.


We need to be able to distribute the mobile file periodically, for instance, as we make improvements to it, or when someone new comes on board and we’ve just added their account to the security level. The client does not want to use email or iTunes to distribute the mobile file to the iPads.


Currently, we’re using DropBox to distribute the mobile file. The client admin goes to the server, runs a backup of the file, and pushes the backup to his DropBox account. Then, on the iPad, we’re trying to pull the file down via DropBox.


I say “trying” because the first time always seems fine. Using the DropBox app, we can see the file, it’ll usually say something like “3 minutes ago,” and we’re off to the races. The problem is with subsequent updates: the file will show that it’s new, but when we push it to Go, it is still the old file.


It doesn’t seem to matter if we delete the older file from the iPad, say “yes” to replacing the older one, reinstall Go, turn the iPad off, etc. As long as we use the DropBox app, we keep getting the older file. The only way we’re getting this to work - so far - is by using DropBox via Safari on the iPad.


We don’t want users to have to renumber or keep track of different version files on the iPad, it’s critical that this process be extremely simple for the field staff.


Has anyone else been seeing this problem? Have any ideas as to what is causing it or how to solve it? Other suggestions for distribution?