Colour swatch display changes in FMGo15 - ?calc or formatting

Discussion created by muzz on Feb 23, 2017
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A couple of years ago after some help on these forums I implemented a colour picker for FMGo which has been working fine until I noticed just recently that things had changed in FMGo15. The original thread is here: Colour picker solution for iOS devices?


I've just noticed that FMGo15 changes the display of this field - instead of filling the field it only shows the bottom half (or thereabouts) of the field's swatch colour.  I've tried changing the field formatting font size as well as the calculation font size but it has not made any difference.


The function formula for the TextFont function is:


TextColor (

  TextSize (

  TextFont ( Char( 9608 ) ; "Zapf Dingbats" );



  RGB (rgb_swatch[1] ; rgb_swatch[2] ; rgb_swatch[3])



The swatch field is calculated by entering the appropriate values into the RGB fields and is then copied and pasted by script into the selected colour holding fields, and from there into the final 3 team colour fields. Screenshots show the difference since FMGo15.


FMGo14swatches.png   FMGo15.PNG


Can anyone help me have these fields filled. It's not important on this page but other layouts rely on the team colours filling the fields.


Thanks, Murray