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    Auto-Increment Counter for Portal Rows


      Hi, you all.  I'm new to this community channel
      but excited to share, and initially, hopefully get some help!
      I've got what I think is a tricky question for ya all

      My FileMaker app has an unfiltered portal with a field I have named "Counter"
      (please see image)


      I wish for this Counter field to somehow number all the rows in my portal
      and be flexible enough that if I insert a row (I hope to find a way to do that, too) then

      all the portal row's "Counter" value will increase by one to make room for the newly inserted portal row,

      and the opposite, of course, if a portal row is deleted, then all the subsequent numbers will decrease

      by 1.


      Thanks for your advice,


      JD  Sebastian
      Los Angeles