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Export CSV With Quotes and Commas in the Text Content

Question asked by chuckburr on Feb 23, 2017
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I am building a table row in a calculation to create an Amazon Seller Inventory File.


The content contains a product Description field which contains quotes and commas in the field content. For example,


Eastern European frying pepper. Smooth, 4" long by 2" wide, tapered, pointed fruits are pale yellow in about 53 days and ripen red in 78 days. The upright plants have good branch strength and yield early and heavily.


The quotes in the text cause the product Description field to be broken into several fields. I have to keep the quotes in the Description field. I have tried wrapping the product description field in quotes but that dos not work. For example, (the comma is the delimiter).


"\"" & Description & "\"" & "," &


I have tried building a tab delimited table row but Excel would not open a tab delimited file. For example, (the Char (9) is the delimiter).


Description & Char (9) &


Any suggestions on how to wrap the Description field to it is not broken apart.


Attached is the Amazon Parents.csv file. It was exported as Tab delimited and the .tab suffix changed to .csv. The problem starts in row 1, column N. The Description field is broken into 3 fields pushing the content to the right over.


Thank you,


Chuck Burr

Restoration Seeds

Ashland, Oregon