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    FileMaker Statistics


      Does anybody have any statistics on FileMaker usage? Is there a place where this can be looked up? I mean numbers of users of FileMaker and the breakdown of which version server, desktop or Go. I also would like to know platforms like Windows or Mac. Any links or ideas are greatly appreciated Thanks

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          FMInc would be the only ones with that kind of data.

          Ill bet they will never release it to gen pop

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            Why would you bet that? I would like to understand what they can gain from that. Thanks

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              tbh, the real statistic would be to know how many petabytes of data are juggled on a daily basis via Filemaker.


              100'000 users managing their CD collection via a ready-made Filemaker template once per week when they buy a new CD is nice but hardly an argument.

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                What for?


                They one announced download number for FileMaker Go.


                And I know my plugin is installed with thousands of FileMaker installations.

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                  For determining if a business venture will be worth it. For example, if one thinks of an idea... and asks will this be a good idea for Windows users? Or Mobile users? Or Mac users? That could be an important piece of information to think about. Thanks

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                    Off the Filemaker web site.


                    At a glance
                    • Over 24 million copies of FileMaker software delivered
                    • The FileMaker Platform is available in 15 languages
                    • Over 2 million downloads of FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone
                    • Over 50,000 members of the FileMaker Community
                    • Over 1,200 companies in the FileMaker Business Alliance
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                      I doubt FMI would make that information (other than the numbers on their website, with no way to verify) public.

                      So, I would recommend instead (or at least also) would be to do a rigorous requirements analysis. Include non-functional requirements like performance, maintainability, scalability, and the like. Consider FMS cost vs. Open Source vs. Development time costs. Also, can you readily find developers you need for your project in the platform you choose?


                      Can you meet your requirements with FMP possibly using a plug-in or two?

                      Can you meet your requirements with FMP and external APIs?

                      How easy is it to manage code and projects?

                      (other questions)


                      For any real project, an initial rigorous evaluation of various technologies is a must.


                      HOPE THIS HELPS.

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                        A business venture using FileMaker product(s)? That would depend on so many factors beyond the scope of what FMI may or may not know. If you are going to base your business on a product, you are also basing the business on your skills, experience, etc. on using that product. And running a business isn't just 'coding' or 'designing' or ??? If you can specify more, please do!


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                          ChrisJohnston wrote:


                          For determining if a business venture will be worth it.


                          I don't think knowing how many FM licenses have been sold by platform component would help with that, no?


                          If you want to create and sell a product that is based on the FM platform then you need to factor in the cost of the FM licensing into your product cost.  I don't see how knowing how many copies of FM have been sold is relevant in that respect.


                          Obviously you would have to worry about whether FM will remain in business because that would mean you need to retool your product.

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                            This question was an initial thought, and I think it's vital to the beginning idea. If the reason was, I am curious I would still consider that valid. I realize it will be tons of questions that need to be answered and dealt with, but I think this is a very important one based on the scope of what I'm thinking about. After this question I had others ones, for instance, how do you determine what are the FileMaker guidelines and restrictions criteria for deciding how to build plugins, add-ins, and things of that nature. I've considered all the answers I've received in this discussion helpful especially seeing some of the statistics. I realize this is far from the only question that will need to be answered. As a developer, I think that any questions about a type of technology or its software are a good one. Thanks