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Discussion created by GeoffreyMartin on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2017 by philmodjunk

I've built a survey in FM14.06. The surveys are printed and sent out and returned.  The FM file is used for data entry and analysis.  At the end of the survey, the clients are allowed to add comments.  The comments are either typed in or scanned in depending on the content.  I'm now trying to create a report that includes all of the comments from a group of surveys. 


My initial approach was to show them all via a container.  If there was content that was scanned into the container as a .jpg it would show that, and in the case that the container was empty, the typed content would be pasted into the container.  With this approach, I've been unsuccessful getting the containers scale themselves for the content, so I have an output of 102 pages with 3 per, even if there's only 2 words on it.  Most of the comments are text with the occasional .jpg.  Sliding isn't really relevant, in this case, right?  What am I missing?  Can a container scale for a text content?  Is there a more efficient approach?