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    Specific Field lock in specific Tables after date


      Hello everyone,

      I have seen many posts on "field lock" but I think none fitted my need.


      In specific Tables I need to lock 2 specific fields (Date and Price_Paid) for specific Users after a specific date, while editing capability on other fields should be maintained.


      Until now I have created a global text field called "Edit_Allowed" (value list can be "Yes" or "No") editable only by Administrator.

      Then I have attached a trigger on those two specific fields (in each layout) as follows:

      if [ Edit_Allowed = "No" and Table_A::Date ≠ Get (CurrentDate)

        Revert Record/Request [no dialog]

      End If

      Commit Record/request  [no dialog]

      It works fine, but it is useless if a weird User does change the computer date.


      Since Manage Security does offer options only at record level is there a way to avoid the above issue ?

      Many thanks,