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    CloudBleed and FileMaker


      Looking at the full (22 MB) data file (4,303,677 rows in the file I downloaded) for the latest huge Internet bug, CloudFlare, which you can read about here: Cloudflare Leak Exposed Data From Millions of Websites | News & Opinion | PCMag.com


      I found three entries with "FileMaker" in that list:


      • filemaker-blankshyri.tk
      • wordpressfilemakersolutions.com
      • wufilemaker.com


      Worthwhile to see if any sites you use were affected.


      Searching for "1Password", a popular password program mentioned in the PC Magazine article (1Password says not a problem), I found these entries in the file:


      • 01password.com
      • 1password.com
      • dashlane-to-1password.com



      Performance results:

      (MySQL imported the 4M+ row file in 20 seconds, FileMaker: Approx 2 minutes)



      MySQL Performance of a simple LIKE query to search file: 1.5 seconds per query.


      FileMaker Performance:

      • Using FMP native Find (no LIKE query): Query also runs in about 1.5 seconds!
      • In FMP SQL - using LIKE in SQL (in Data Viewer): 38 seconds (best of several trials).


           ExecuteSQL ( "Select thedomain from cloudbleed where thedomain like '%1password%'" ; "" ; "")


      Trying the same query in a remote JDBC console (to get any useful information) with the FileMaker DB gave me, well, I gave up after 2 minutes waiting on the query.


      And, FMP was hogging the CPU terribly for this query from the JDBC console, anyway:



      Thanks very much kramis for your kind and helpful reply.




      As others have noted, having to force-quit FMP with the Data Viewer open, removes all your watch expressions (I now always keep a spare plist file, backed up daily for this ridiculous-should-not-still-be-happening issue). I would have hoped by now, FMI would have REFACTORED (debugged) FMP to externalize file data (such as watch expressions), currently in the volatile plist, that get overwritten to a separate file. Come on guys...