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Related Data Not Showing

Question asked by petey on Feb 25, 2017
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Show related data in layout (simple, right!?)



Table: T34_School_Dates

Desc: Layout with table data, e.g scheduled school dates, their location, cost, etc.


Table: T35_School_Day

Desc: Layout with table data for that school day, e.g. how many students are signed up, what level they are, (will also have what happened that day, etc.


What I did:


1. I created a relationship (presumable correct). Staring with the primary key for T34_School_Dates (ID_School_Dates)

2. I created a foreign key in T35_School_Day: id_school_dates

3. Linked them up, and checked "allow creation of records....."

4. Pulled into my School Day layout, the field "Date1" from the related table.


Doesn't show data.


I'm curious if the keys were setup correctly?


When it wasn't working, I changed them back and forth between text and number. Here's what they are currently


PK: ID_School_Dates - text, Auto-enter Serial, Indexing (minimal)

FK: id_school_dates - text, Indexed (all)




Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 8.24.28 PM.png

Shows no data in browse mode. Field is set to display in browse mode.



Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 8.25.00 PM.png

Relationship setup. Is it right?