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Unable to load server plugins after upgrading to FileMaker Server 15 [Mac]

Question asked by user24799 on Feb 26, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by taylorsharpe

I upgraded our server from FMS14 to FMS15 and now I cannot get server plugins to load.


I have these options turned on:

  • Enable FileMaker Script Engine (FMSE) to use plug-ins
  • Allow Install Plug-In File script step to install, update, and load Server plug-ins


I have installed them again manually (Macintosh HD/Library/FileMaker Server/Database Server/Extensions) and also updated their permissions to match their root folder but they still are not loading. I also tried to install them via server side script but that returned this error: The host’s capacity was exceeded, try again later.


I increased the Maximum Simultaneous Script Sessions to 100 but it still returns the same error.


I don't see any plugin errors in the logs.


Any help solving this issue would be greatly appreciated.