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FMS not available

Question asked by bkaisin on Feb 27, 2017
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I had a FMS 14 running under MacOs Sierra.

I stop FMS 14 with the console and copy my files.fmp12 on the desktop.

I uninstalled FMS14 and installed FMS 15 Trial.

When installation done I get the message which ask me if I want to continue to start the Deployment assistant.

I click continue.

After 1 minute Safari shows me the following message:

The Database Server is not available. To edit server deployment, please start the Database Server first.


When I try to launch the console (http://localhost:16001/admin-console/) of course it does not work -> normal.


I try on a old Macintosh available running El Captain and I get exactly the same issue.

Same problem after restart.


The purpose is to try FMS15 before buying the update from FMS14.

Any idea?