Secondary sort order causes FM to crash?

Discussion created by peter2017 on Feb 26, 2017
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I have a documents and events database.


There is a documents table and an events table.  (There are other tables but probably irrelevant.)  Theses two tables are related via two many-to-many tables (one for the Events layout and one for the Documents layout, with different TOs).  There is a portal in both layouts, in the docs layout showing the related events, and in the events layout showing the related documents.


Both tables have their own date field.


They are both sorted by date.  So far so good.  I can browse through and they are in date order.  I can switch back and forth between docs and events layouts.  No crashes.


But sometimes there is more than one doc dated the same, and also there is sometimes more than one event on the same day.  So I have added a sort order numeric field in each table so I can add 1, 2 and 3, etc to the docs or events, so that I can sort them into the order they occurred or were created in a single day.  Then I sort ascending by date and have a second sort in the sort which is ascending by sort order.


When I apply the sort in events still no problem, no crashes.  But when I then also apply the sort in docs FM crashes. I have no idea why.  It is as though FM cannot cope with the sort on two fields in two tables at the same time.


Has anyone else experienced this and do you have any insight into what is happening here?