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user layout tracking link

Question asked by sivagurS on Feb 27, 2017
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I have a requirement where I need to provide a nested link of layouts that the user came from.

Say I have 5 layouts -> Home, A, B, C, D and E,


when the user goes from Home to A, then from A to B, B to D and D to E

then in layout E, I need to provide the user with links to all the pre visited layouts, so that the user can navigate to any of these layouts from layout E.


in Layout A ===   << Home

in Layout B ===   << Home << A

in Layout D ===   << Home << A << B

in Layout E ===   << Home << A << B << D.


Also when they click on D and goes to layout B, they should not see the links to D or E.

Hope I have made it clear enough.


Something similar to the below image.

What would be the best possible approach to achieve this.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance