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Report in preview mode doesn't show correct info in leading grand summary

Question asked by zukeman on Feb 27, 2017
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Ok, I'm a little bit of a movie on creating reports in filemaker.  Here is the scenario. I have a database to track owner changes on a construction project. All tables are relating back to the owner information for their unit. From there I have a table for change orders, which can be made up of multiple PCO(potential change orders), those potential change orders are linked to another table that has line item costs.  Here is my problem: if you look at the CO layout it displays all the information correctly and I can add or remove PCO to the change order and it all works just fine.  Tthe problem is I created the pdf version of this that has the line item detail as the body, the PCO as the sub-summary and the change order/unit info in the leading grand summary.  When I click the PDF test button it filters and formats the body information correctly but the other parts of the form only show the first record (CO 002) information.  I am trying to get this up and running for field staff but this layout is my major hickup.  I know I have dealt with similar problems before but not working on filemaker on a regular basis is biting me in the A$$.