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    auto dialer adapter


      I want to connect FileMaker Pro 15 to a phone line to auto dial numbers. Where can I source a hardware adapter kit to connect either serial or preferably USB port to a phone line in the UK? is there another way to do it? The next question is how do I setup FM to dial a number?


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          The only thing I have done was use a webviewer with an API that came with the phone system we have at work.

          It's a VoIP phone, I believe.


          I don't know how a USB phone would work.

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            From an iPhone client of your server, the Dial Phone script step can cause the iPhone to dial a number stored in the database.


            In the way back olden days, users had ways to do this with dial up modems and this script step, not that I would even think of trying that today. Even if it worked, there'd be no guarantee that it would continue to work with new versions of OS and FileMaker.

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              Thank you for replying. I am old enough to remember using a modem card. googling around I am very surprise such a kit isn't available or I've not looked deep enough. I could look at using the speaker output if I can get some form of coupling to the phone lines! I've come up with something and report back. 

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                We have a working dialing system on our in-house CRM.   Our users are all using Windows 10 and we use Slicecom VOIP telephones.


                We simply had to install on each computer the correct TAPI controller, then we could simply use the Dial Phone script step with a calculation for the number, to call our clients.

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