Autofill one field based on another & more

Discussion created by BERGSTEN on Feb 27, 2017
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Today's troubles concern what we call our consumables layout.


We have three text fields available for "Preferred Vendors". That field is currently a drop-down list of all of the businesses on our "Companies" database. What I want is the following:

When the user either manually types in or selects the desired company (or Preferred vendor) from the drop down list, I want their Customer_ID to propagate next to it in the field I currently call "Preferred_Vendor_ID" (or, vice versa).

Then, I want a button next to it- to take me to that company's entry on our "Companies" database.


There IS a relationship between "Consumables" and "Companies" ... "Customer_ID" = "Preferred_Vendor_ID" as well as "Preferred_Vendor" = "Company Name".

So far i have tried look-ups but I can't get one to respond to the other for some reason. Clearly I'm missing something.


I was hoping entry of either field would autopropogate the other.

Then I just confused as to how to set up the button so it would respond to one field or the other- and take the user to the correct company entry.


Let me know if I need to re-word or clarify any of this.