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Quickfind on a popover with a protal.

Question asked by PaulSeabright on Feb 27, 2017
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Hi All,


I have a layout showing details of Invoices, with a CompanyName field on it.  I am attempting to populate this by using a popover showing a list of company names from the Company table.  The Invoices T.O. and Company T.O are related using an 'X' join.


On the popover is a portal that correctly shows a list of company names and the first line of their address.  I would like to shorten the length of the list that can be seen in the portal.


There is a field on the popover for a search string (Invoices::search with global storage)


When I run a script with the step "Perform Quick Find [Invoices::search]" the number of records shown in the portal does not change i.e quick find is not doing what I expected.


I have also tried placing the search string in Company::search (also with global storage) without success.


Should this work or am I barking up the wrong tree??


Thanks for any help :-)