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Prevent Printing of Empty Lines in Bordered List

Question asked by llamaassemblies on Feb 28, 2017
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I have a list that is only accessed when printing/creating PDFs. This list needs to only show entries that have valid information in a particular field, if the user forgets to add info to a certain field but adds info to all other fields it should not appear when printing. This can be solved with a hide object on all the fields involved in the list.


The list has a design with rows/columns to make it appear like a table. I have heard such a design is unorthodox, but the end user wishes for this appearance.


The problem I am having, simply put, is that hiding the line results in a noticeable gap remaining on the printed layout.


The design wanted for this layout is, admittedly, rather limiting in certain regards. As the end user also wishes for generally two rows of data (an alternative required due to the grid-design having alignment issues when lines were used, meaning the field in question could not scale to fit the text that was needed and retain symmetry with all nearby fields - ), it pretty much requires the layout to have text center-aligned vertically. This becomes a problem due to the logic that the most practical fix to this would be to scale objects up when printing, which becomes impossible with center-alignments.


The only real answer I can think of is potentially a virtual list that outputs the data to the print layout, but that could potentially slow things down considerably on a layout the end user wishes to be rather responsive. Is there a simpler solution?