Issue with summary fields at startup

Discussion created by simoncpage on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2017 by philmodjunk

Windows server and client environment (albeit this issue is also coming up on webdirect too - but not Go) with all the latest updates.


I have a fairly basic list layout which has a few basic calculation fields with a grand trailing summary with 10 summary fields and 1 <<FIELD NAME>> textbox. At start the database goes to a blank layout and then does a search based on Get(AccountName) to retrieve list related to the user which is then sorted and it goes to record first. On startup this page loads quickly in very little time and but text boxes appear without <<FIELD>> parts filled in and summary fields are blank. I have a button on the top nav which runs the same search on the layout and this then refreshes with the summary fields showing fine.


I've tried refresh script step and that doesn't work / tried an extra sort script which didn't work / tried going to find mode then browse which didn't work. I've noticed most of the time if I click on another field after start up it refreshes these summary fields and they show instantly?


Any ideas welcome.