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    FileMaker 15 Certification


      Hello All,


      Anyone please suggest me to complete the FileMaker 15 certification.




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          Read the topics for the test here:

          Certification | FileMaker


          Look up and read FileMaker's documentation on all of those topics on the FM15 documentation page:

          FileMaker Product Documentation | FileMaker


          Then make sure that you follow the advanced training series and are able to answer all questions correctly.

          FileMaker Store: FileMaker Training Series: Advanced


          Training courses such as Ippolite's Lynda.com course or RC Consultings filemaker course videos would also help.


          The key is to learn about the fundamentals from filemaker's training and documentation so that you can think in the context of the documentation when you take the test.

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            FileMaker's certification tests are not easy and FM does provide the FileMaker Training Series (Advanced) from which the questions supposedly are covered.  So it is the best study guide for the test... not that I think it is the best training for FileMaker.  But it certainly is useful for passing the test. 


            Probably the best training is to take a live course taught by a real FileMaker Certified Trainer.  But that also is the most expensive solution.  Even the training videos are often not cheap even though I think some are pretty good.  However, my recommendation is to take the test cold.  For $150 from PearsonVue you can take the test, know that you won't pass it, but you'll get to see the real questions and know what to study.  You can't retake the test for 2 weeks.  But you can spend those two weeks cramming the FileMaker Training Series.  Between the experience of the first test and the study, that will give you the best chance of passing in my opinion 


            You might also question why you are getting certified.  As a professional developer, it potentially helps me in sales and technically it could be important defensively if I was ever sued to show I was proficient in the software as a professional.  Hopefully that will never happen.  Some companies will give you a promotion for a professional certification.  But in reality, the vast majority of my clients don't ask or could care less about the certification as long as I am taking care of their business.  Granted it is fun to have the latest certification tag hanging around your neck at Devcon <grin>.  However, don't expect that having the certification will bring you much new business or that most people will even care. 

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              Agree with Taylor's comments on how to prep for the exam. I would add one benefit of the exam — and I suppose here I'm speaking as a former teacher.


              Tests and exams, I always used to explain to my students, actually have two purposes. People think they're just for assessment. But exams are also learning tools, or should be. Prepping for the exam, I always learn some stuff that I didn't know before or was fuzzy about. In short, whether boasting about being certified is useful or not, studying for taking the exam seems to me an easy and inexpensive way to become a better, more confident developer.



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                Good point, Dr. Porter!  Every time I prep for the next certification, I learn a few new things.  It also makes me study the whole product including areas I don't normally work in. 

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                  Thanks for your suggestions Taylor. It's really helpful for me.