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    Duplicate records in reference table




      My database has several reference tables where I lookup the correct value for the main data table.


      These reference tables also go to make value lists for drop down lists.


      The drop down lists have unique values from the reference tables, thus the main database refers to only one record, however the reference table has duplicate records in some cases.


      I want to update the reference table, but because of duplicated records, I do no know which record should be updated? How should I merge such that the correct  record in the reference table is updated?


                     Value List Definition                                                          Records of the same file

      org-value List.pngorg List View.png

      Thank You.

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          Generally speaking, I think that the oldest record with the duplicate organization name will be the one selected when you select from the value list.


          I'd take a back up copy of the file and do tests on it to be sure.


          You might also consider sorting the records by organization name to group them and then use a looping script to merge data and remove the duplicates.