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historic data with data entry

Question asked by philkhor on Feb 28, 2017
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I want to see the records for a particular subject when I'm entering new data. In other words, I want to look at a Report as I'm populating a Form.


The context is regular inspections on honeybee colonies. I have 5 colonies, C1-C5, and for each I record what I see. So, the fields might be: colony reference, date, temperament, colony size, feed given, honey yield.

The first thing I do is enter the colony reference - C1. When I enter the date field, I'd like to see the dates of the last 2 (or 3 or more, depending on screen space)  inspections. When I enter the temperament field I'd like to see what I entered the last 2 times.


I can do this in table view but even though I have the records showing first in colony reference order and second by date, the data entry is not adjacent the data. Ideally, I'd see 4 columns on the screen


descdata entry nowdata from last inspectionlast but one
colony refC1C1C1
colony size44
feed given21
honey yield00

Is it possible?