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    historic data with data entry


      I want to see the records for a particular subject when I'm entering new data. In other words, I want to look at a Report as I'm populating a Form.


      The context is regular inspections on honeybee colonies. I have 5 colonies, C1-C5, and for each I record what I see. So, the fields might be: colony reference, date, temperament, colony size, feed given, honey yield.

      The first thing I do is enter the colony reference - C1. When I enter the date field, I'd like to see the dates of the last 2 (or 3 or more, depending on screen space)  inspections. When I enter the temperament field I'd like to see what I entered the last 2 times.


      I can do this in table view but even though I have the records showing first in colony reference order and second by date, the data entry is not adjacent the data. Ideally, I'd see 4 columns on the screen


      descdata entry nowdata from last inspectionlast but one
      colony refC1C1C1
      colony size44
      feed given21
      honey yield00

      Is it possible?

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          It's possible, but it would be a lot easier if you swapped your rows for your columns and this change would also allow you the option of seeing data from as many previous records for a given colony as you need.


          Date    | Temperament | size   | Feed    | Size    | Yield

          new data here....




          I did not include the colony ID as you can set this up as a portal from a layout based on a table where you have one record for each Bee colony.


          Note that getting the data entry row at the top is done using two portals and some portal filtering so that the top one row portal only has the "add row" and the bottom portal lists all previously entered rows of data.

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            The information that it can be done encourages me to spend time on it, thank you. Now I need to find out about portals & portal filtering. (I am a newcomer to Filemaker and struggling with things such as relational databases - I was quite expert with MS Access when my brain was younger!)

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              You don't need portal filtering for this type of basic portal.


              If you still remember MS Access, there are some commonalities that can help you get started:


              A FileMaker Portal is much like a "sub form" in access.


              The relationships you set up in FileMaker are much like the relationships you might set up in Access using the Relationshps tool. Both systems are relational databases and thus the "under the hood" structure can be much the same even though scripting and the fact that MS Access is SQL based while FileMaker is not can make other aspects of the DB design very different.

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                many thanks, I have managed to set up two related tables (Q table and inspections table). I just needed the prompt to look at portals! Now I need to get a data entry table on my screen?

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                  Don't know what you mean by a "data entry table". The portal IS your data entry table for this purpose.

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                    You said I need two portals - the one showing all the records is fine but the other showing only the “add row” has me struggling….

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                      Ok, but first make sure that you can do this:


                      Make just one portal where a blank "add row" appears at the bottom of the portal where you can enter new data. This requires enabling "allow creation" for the portal's table occurrence in the relationship graph. A "table occurrence" BTW, is what we call a "box" on the relationship graph. It refers to one of the tables in your solution and forms the "context" for a layout and also for a portal, but you can have many different table occurrences that all refer to the same table. This allows you to set up more than one relationship between the same tables.


                      If "table occurrence" is unfamiliar to you, you might work through this tutorial, though you can probably get your portal up now and read this later:


                      Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?


                      Once you can set up a portal with that bottom "add row", we can make a copy of it and set up some portal filters. (I did forget that I mentioned filtered portals to get the add row at the top earlier.)

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                        Fantastic! I love you. I’ve been messing about half-heartedly for about a year trying to set this up. You’ve talked me through it in three emails! THANK YOU!


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                          Do you still want the "add" row at the top? If so, have you figured out how?

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                            Yes, got it. Many thanks. Now to create lots of apps I've been struggling with...