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    Field Name


      Hey guys,


      I created a portal from another table and its working fine. My portal contains multiple fields in couple of lines without its labels. I don't have space for labels, so I need a solution where when entering data in those portal fields one can see what data(in other sense the label name in the field) they have to enter. 

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          No problem:

          1) In Browse Mode, Click Edit Layout button.

          2) Click desired Field

          3) In Inspector, Click on Data panel (top right in inspector).

          4) In Placeholder text (When field is empty) (click pencil)

          5) Type desired text to display when field is empty (text here must be enclosed in quotes: "Desired Text").

          6) Exit Layout.

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            The "old school" solution is to add layout text to layout just above the portal to serve as column labels for the data. But maybe you don't have room for that on your layout and there's always the placeholder option as has already been recommended.

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              I am using filemaker 13 and I suppose placeholder text is not there in it.

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                I am using filemaker 13 and I don't have placeholder text option. As recommended I tried for the column name but I have multiple filed lines, Column names just takes care of the first line fields.

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                  You can simulate placeholders in V13:


                  Put layout text on top of the field. Give it a Hide Object When Expression:


                  Not IsEmpty ( FieldThatTextIsOnTopOfGoesHere )


                  When you click into the field, the text will disappear. If you enter data, the text will remain invisible. If you click or tab out of the field without entering data, the text reappears.

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                    You may also use a tooltip:

                    1) Select field, go to the inspector to the position tab.

                    2) in the Tooltip, type desired text.


                    when the cursor is on the field, the Tooltip will be displayed For about 5 sec.