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    Amazon's AWS S3 cloud storage evaporates


      Major panic here tonight, all of our S3 buckets have disappeared. We have been reconfiguring some of our cloud to cloud backups during the day and thought we'd done something incredibly stupid until we read the headlines from about an hour ago.


      If you suddenly feel like slitting your wrists, it isn't you, it's them. I believe this is their take on it: "AWS, for some reason, insists this isn't an "outage" but rather a case of "increased error rates".


      And this is why we don't use the Amazon infrastructure for our own cloud services.


      Fingers crossed they'll fix it soon, but odds are all our out of cloud backups may fail tonight.


      Hope this stops someone else feeling like they've having a heart attack.



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          Yeah, it's pretty crazy. My favorite thing is that the website Is it Down? which tells you if a website is down or if it's just you, is itself, down.


          Amazon’s web servers are down and it’s causing trouble across the internet - The Verge

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            Contact me off-list at jmay(at)pointinspace.com for information on our FileMaker hosting.  We own all of our server hardware - no 3rd party/AWS leases here.


            We offer both shared hosting and virtual dedicated servers for the full FileMaker Server experience, and have been doing so for over 18 years.  Clients say our hardware runs noticably faster than AWS too.


            - John

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              Definitely feel your pain. That is the key reason we have all of our servers on site. With a back up elsewhere, as an option.


              I remember a while ago someone telling me that the cloud is stable enough for business critical setups. Not long after that intense discussion, the internet on the east coast dropped out...now with AWS down, that would have crippled the other party's infrastructure 2x in a relatively short time period.


              "Stable enough" is very subjective. Hopefully they get it squared away soon.

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                Thanks everyone.


                We're not actually down, we've a very reliable cloud infrastructure, which is blisteringly quick and functioning normally.


                We only use AWS S3 as yet another backup, so we've no operational issues for our customers at the moment. It is a belt and braces additional backup to our 'within infrastructure' backups and images. It was quite a shock seeing no buckets at all within the S3 console.


                The problem with the big guys is that you've no way of contacting them. The laugh is that AWS use S3 for their status indicators, all of which were showing green as they couldn't refresh. Crazy!


                However, it is a good example of the things you should consider if contemplating a cloud base and big isn't necessarily beautiful.


                We'll sleep easy tonight, but from what I see quite a number of people will not.


                All the best


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