FMPro4xHelp v2 – Easy keyword search in all Help titles and access to Help contents on-line and off-line (in 4 languages)

Discussion created by miisli on Feb 28, 2017

Searching for and displaying Help:

1)  Choose your main language (English is default).

2)  Search for keyword(s) in all 956 Help titles of chosen language.

3)  The result shows all titles (at any level) that contain the keyword(s).

4)  Show the corresponding Help text either on-line (in browser) or off-line (in FileMaker Web Viewer).

5)  Add bookmarks for frequently used Help entries.


Displaying Help titles:

-  You can display Help titles 1, 2, 3 or 4 levels deep.

-  For each title, you can display the title in the next level above including all titles below it.

-  You can display one title only including all the titles below it.

-  You can display and search across all 956 Help titles in 4 languages simultaneously.  This is handy when giving advice to people who prefer using technical terms in a different language.



-  The included spreadsheet 'FMpro4xHelp.xlsx' contains all 956 on-line Help titles in English, German, French and Spanish.  Source:

   -   www.filemaker.com/help/15/fmp/en/

   -   www.filemaker.com/help/15/fmp/de/

   -   www.filemaker.com/help/15/fmp/fr/

   -   www.filemaker.com/help/15/fmp/es/

-  The spreadsheet allows importing/replacing all data in FMPro.

-  Use the spreadsheet as template for replacing existing or including additional languages.