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    Reservation Question


      I work for a photo department at a college an do'm making a check out system on filemaker so we can come out of the dark ages of paper slips. The basic solution for a check out system works great but I need help working in a reservation system for the pieces in case students want to reserve something for a specific day. 

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          So, are you looking for a professional developer to work with you?  Are you asking if there are similar templates out there you might look for?  Do you have a specific question about schema or maybe a general question about is FM the right tool for such a project?  Just trying to narrow down what type of response you are looking for. 


          FYI, if you need a FileMaker developer (aka "partner" ) you can go to:  FileMaker Consultants, Data Consultants, Database Consultants


          Templates are at:  Made for FileMaker   and includes professional solutions. 

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            I'm going to assume you may be asking if FM is the right tool for this.  FileMaker's WebDirect is a great way to have students log in to a web page and fill out a reservation.  FileMaker's licensing requires you have a license for everyone using your reservation system.  So think of ALL people that would ever log into your reservation system and that is how many licenses you need for FileMaker.  Probably makes the solution REALLY expensive.  Technically, FileMaker is a great too with WebDirect to have the general public log in for basically a single session to do something like a registration or make a request or maybe purchase an item.  FileMaker has an older licensing that allows Concurrent connections so that you can buy licenses for say 5 concurrent connections and up to 5 people can log in via WebDirect and they can be any 5 people, just not more than 5.  That covers anonymous registrations, etc., very well.  But this licensing goes away next year and is not in the future for FileMaker.  FileMaker is telling its customers that it does not want anonymous registrations or input from the public into FileMaker systems via WebDirect through it's licensing.  And its ONLY a licensing limitation and I think a very bad move by FileMaker. 


            So, with this in mind, there is a good chance that FileMaker WebDirect is not a good solution for students to log in assuming they do not already have FileMaker licenses. Alternatively you can create a PHP web site that makes calls to FileMaker server for the data, but making a PHP web site is a lot harder than just doing it with WebDirect and if you do make it with PHP, you might not even find you want to use FileMaker as a backend. 


            I certainly hope FileMaker wakes up to the reality that concurrent connections are really important for systems such as registration, reservation, cart systems, public feedback, etc.  Hopefully FM 16 will have some licensing change.  Otherwise, it is clear that FM is chasing off all of these types of solutions via licensing restrictions.