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    Checkout system question


      I'm building a check out system and I need to add in who checked out a specific piece of equipment. I wasn't sure if i could insert something to show who was logged into the database at the time and that's who did it or something similar.



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          You'll need to share info with us about how you designed your solution thus far.

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            Get ( AccountName ) is function that you can save in field or variable to tell you who is currently logged in.  There is also Get ( UserName ) which gives the computer name of who is logged in, but the AccountName is probably what you want.  You can also get the IP, Mac Address, Persistent ID and other pieces of information about who is logging in such as software and OS version, etc. 

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              Yet the person using the computer isn't necessarily the same person that is checking out the equipment. It MIGHT be if you have set this up as a "self serve" system where people check out their own equipment--for camera equipment that seems unlikely to me given the risk of theft or people just not using the system to check out the equipment like they should, but as I posted before, we really need to know more before we can offer helpful advice.