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Script triggering when I don't want it to.

Question asked by phil_k on Mar 1, 2017
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I'm creating a solution which will be primarily accessed on mobile devices but updated on a Mac.


I have two script triggers, the first OnFirstWindowOpen checks for the device and directs to the appropriate 'Home' layout.


The second is an OnLayoutSizeChange script which changes to a different layout when the orientation of the phone is flipped.  This trigger is applied to two layouts for the mobile device.


Both scripts appear to work well except that when I open the file, the first script runs and then somehow is immediately followed by the second so instead of arriving at the home layout I end up somewhere in the middle of the solution.  I've checked the layout settings and the file options setting and both seem fine.


I've not used Script Triggers before so any pointers would be appreciated.


Edit:  Done some more testing and I think the problem is likely to be in the second second script which triggers because there is a window size change.  Is there any way I can restrict this script from triggering automatically or should I rewrite the script?