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    Filemaker Server v13.0


      Hi everyone,


      Any chance anyone would know where to location a version of Filemaker Server v 13?

      All I seem to find are the software updates; but not an application that I could then update.


      We are moving to a new Server to test the updates to reach FM Pro V.15 but we can't find V.13 to upgrade from.




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          What version are you planning to update from? There's really no reason to try 13 or 14 as you go to 15.

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            We already have 13 on another server but it will be shutting down asap.


            So we need to download 13 to onto another server; to then update this to 15 to monitor any problems that may occur on a development server before releasing back to clients.


            On this development server; we do not have a previous version of Filemaker Server as this is a NEW server

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              15 Server can serve clients using FM 13.0.9, FM 14, and FM 15. They all work with files of type ".fmp12". My recommendation is: just upgrade to FM 15. FM Go 13 is no longer available, either, by the way.


              That being said...if you really need to test with FM 13, your best bet might be to call your Apple rep.

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                Okay thanks - will give it a go then.


                In terms of FM Go 13; does this mean any databases built using 13 are not accessible on FM Go 15? Or is it just the FM Go 13 is no longer used.



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                  It's just that FM Go 13 has been removed from the App store. Databases which use the .fmp12 format will work just fine with FM Go 15.


                  The transition is very smooth, by the way. FMS 15 has some nice new security features, and performance is up to 25% better than with FMS 13.


                  What versions are your FM clients using? How many are there? Are you using WebDirect?

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                    Upgraded to the FM15 server with absolutely no problems!

                    Now just need to get all the Databases ready


                    Thanks for your help