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    list calculation


      With a list calculation, how can enter the field name on the list?

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          Do you want to select a name from a field that shows the results of the List function? (ExecuteSQL could also produce such a list).

          Is this in FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go?


          In Pro, there are ways to use the OnObjectEnter script trigger to parse the name thus clicked to use in a script or enter into another field. But it's usually simpler to set up either a value list or a selection portal for this purpose.


          But I may be completely wrong as to what you are asking as you haven't given me much info to work with.

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            Can you give an example of what you're trying to obtain ?

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              I have a price sheet with several items on it. When i choose sevral items on the list, i would loike to create a list using only the items I picked. Hope this help file maker pro

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                Hope this help


                Not really. My crystal ball is still out for repairs. There are many different set ups that match your description. The following is just one possibility.


                It sounds like you are setting up a system for either selling or purchasing goods and/or services. Such Invoice or Purchase Order set ups are usually structured like this:


                Invoice (or Purchase Order ) -----< Line Items >------ Products (or services or Products AND Services....)


                Invoice::__pkInvoiceID = LineItems::_fkInvoiceID

                Products::__pkProductID = LineItems::_fkProjectID


                With such a setup, you can put a portal to LIneItems on your invoices layouts to use for creating a sales invoice listing the different items purchased (or ordered) with quantities, prices etc. The simplest way to select products (or services) for the invoice is to set up _fkProductID with a drop down list or pop up menu of Products that lists a description or name of each product, but enters the Product ID when a user selects a name.


                This is the simplest approach, but often not the best approach if your list of products is large as it can be tedious to scroll through the list of products in order to select the desired item. But it's a good starting point to confirm that your basic design is workable.


                From there, there are any number of ways to make that large list of Products easier to manage:

                Conditional Value lists can be set up where you select a category first and then the list of products updates to only show the products in that category. Selection Portals can update from "search text" that you enter so that only items matching the search criteria are listed and then you click a row in the portal to select that item. Also, a text field can be set up where you enter part of the name and the list auto-completes on the name. Once entered, a script and relationship combine to look up the product ID and enter it into the _fkProductID field in a LineItem record.


                Other options are also possible.


                I have two instructional files that demonstrate many of these techniques that you can download and experiment with:

                Adventures in FileMaking #1--conditional value lists

                Adventures in FileMaking #2--enhanced value selection

                They have working examples of each technique along with detailed descriptions of how they were set up.

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                  I'm sorry about the being veg. I'm fairly new with file maker and just trying to understand. I will review what you sent me.