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    Problem With Custom Dialog



      I have a big problem with my project.

      this project is for taxi drivers, for example, uber.

      My problem is:

      When you add a phone number in sale layout (تماس گیرنده) in Persian language and if that phone doesn't exist in phones layout you see a custom dialog with 3 options.

      I write a script when you press 1 you go and add a new passenger.

      when press 2 you will stay on sale layout and when you press 3 you go to a home page layout.

      but now that part of the script didn't work that means if you have that phone number and press phone button everything is okay but if the passenger and phone number did not exist and press 1 to add new passenger script did not work


      NOTE: if you want to open project and test it first go to passenger form and add write a first name and number then go to sale and search that phone and new phone like 1234566543


      NOTE: Find [Phone] script is active on phone button.


      thanks for helping.

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          please help me

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            Perhaps if you formatted your posts as questions you would get better responses.


            Posting "please help me" just because you didnt get a quick enough response makes people less inclined to be helpful.


            We are all volunteers herein.


            Try running your scripted routine with debugger on and step through the script and see if you can figure it out on your own.

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              Just one note following up on Coherentkris is that he assumes you have FileMaker Pro Advanced with the debugger.  Just to confirm... do you have the Advanced version?  If not, debugging is a real pain and having Advanced really saves a lot of time debugging scripts.  Or maybe you do you have Advance, but don't know how to use the debugger.  If so, you can ask about that too. 

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                I used it but debugger didn't give me back any error!

                Do you see my project sir?

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                  Your whole approach is flawed, IMHO. If I change phone company and get a new number I want it added to my phone numbers, as I might already be a client. You should not presume that a non existing phone number directly implies a new client.

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                    Also, keep in mind, you've started 64 threads since August 16.  I've asked my share of questions, but you might be getting to the point where people are starting to feel like it's not their job to build and fix your solution.

                    As @siplus noted, you're heading down the wrong path.  The probable outcomes may be:

                    1.  The whole solution crashes, grinds to a halt, or doesn't work correctly.


                    2.  You're going to need to rebuild and most likely pay for some professional help, or do some learning or you're own.

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                      He should definitely remove the "pro" from his username...at least until he has worked through the basic training series.

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                        Also, keep in mind, you've started 64 threads since August 16.  I've asked my share of questions, but you might be getting to the point where people are starting to feel like it's not their job to build and fix your solution.

                        Agreed. Well past that point.

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                          A question to FileMaker's forum moderators: is there such a thing as a vexatious participant? Might be time for some intervention in this case.

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                            this particular case is a culture clash imho, but I might be wrong.

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                              Personally, a person should be free to post as many times as they want. This forum is here to help people after all. But individual participants are free to respond or not as they see fit to any given post and any given person posting a question.


                              The total number of posts doesn't bother me, but  when I posted some very simple step by step instructions to do what was needed, the response was "here's my file, please make the changes for me". That type of response, not the number of times that they post a question, makes me less willing to make the effort to help someone.


                              Some suggested guidelines for anyone seeking help in a forum of this type:


                              • Post short succinct topic titles that accurately describe the issue and post it in English when posting to an English language forum. If English is not your primary language please do feel free to post the rest of the message in your native tongue, post it in both English and your language even, but asking everyone to make that extra step to run even the title through google translate pretty much guarantees fewer responses as not everyone has the time to do that just to see if it's a question that interests them.
                              • Make sure to post the version you are using if it is anything other than the latest version of FileMaker Advanced. Tell us if you are using server, Go, Web Direct. This info can save people lots of effort wasted by suggesting something that won't work with your particular systems.
                              • Try to document your issue with relevant screen shots of layout, script, relationships--especially when asked. But try this route first over just sharing your file. Sometimes the person reading your post is using their phone and simply can't download your file and examine its design.
                              • If you do share your file, provide a road map directing interested parties to the specific layout and feature within that layout where you need help. Nothing kills enthusiasm more than finding that there are 30 different layouts and no real way to tell which might be the one to examine....
                              • And do try to accept the help given. Someone may fix your file directly, tell you how to do it for yourself or provide a demo file. If you can't follow suggested advice, do your best and then post back with a question asking for clarification.
                              • And please recognize the fact that a forum of this type is good for answering specific questions, but it's not the best method for most people when it comes to getting a well rounded education in how to use FileMaker. There are a number of other resources better designed for that purpose.
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                                Some sage advice for all forum participants to bear in mind. In particular, (1) it is a voluntary forum—responding to posts that annoy is not compulsory; (2) it is important to be respectful. Thank you Phil.