Problem With Custom Dialog

Discussion created by aliabbassipro on Mar 1, 2017
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I have a big problem with my project.

this project is for taxi drivers, for example, uber.

My problem is:

When you add a phone number in sale layout (تماس گیرنده) in Persian language and if that phone doesn't exist in phones layout you see a custom dialog with 3 options.

I write a script when you press 1 you go and add a new passenger.

when press 2 you will stay on sale layout and when you press 3 you go to a home page layout.

but now that part of the script didn't work that means if you have that phone number and press phone button everything is okay but if the passenger and phone number did not exist and press 1 to add new passenger script did not work


NOTE: if you want to open project and test it first go to passenger form and add write a first name and number then go to sale and search that phone and new phone like 1234566543


NOTE: Find [Phone] script is active on phone button.


thanks for helping.