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Copy text field from Filemaker Go into iphone email

Question asked by singerdf on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2017 by singerdf

I have a text field in a layout that I often copy and paste into a text message.  Works great. I have a few clients that do not use cell phones or messaging.  So today I copied the same field and pasted it into the body of an email message using Mail on an iPhone.  To my surprise it pasted RED text in font size 36.


Tried the same on multiple email accounts all the same.  Tried a different text copy still the same.  Did the same on my desktop and it all works perfectly.


This does not happen in FM Go 12 only started with FM Go 15.


This does not happen if you paste the text into a message.  It happens on multiple devices so we cannot blame my iphone settings.


Any suggestions would be great.


Happy to answer any questions as well.