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How to do remote structure changes on DB's for FilemakerGo

Question asked by yamu on Mar 2, 2017
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Can you give some ideas to filemaker newbie:


I have a solution with a Filemaker Server  for the internal employees and FilemakerGo for external employees. On FilemakerGo there are 2 databases, one for the GUI and one for the data. The Data-Database will be synchronised with MirroSync to the Filemaker Server. That works all fine.


When there are some changes in the GUI-Database, I have a table with a container field in which I import the new GUI-Version, sync it with MirrorSync to the FilemakerGo's and install it there automatically by a Script of mine.


But how can I distribute structure-changes to the data-database on FilemakerGo? I didn't find any DDL (Data definition language) statements for Filemaker, which I can use in scripts like ALTER TABLE ... as it is in SQL Databases. Is the only possibility th have the iPad at me, connect it via cable to iTunes, get the data-database, do the changes and put the data-database back on the iPad? My problem is, that the external employees of my customer came only back to the headquarter once a month or fewer, so I need a solution to do the changes remote and, for best case, automatically.


Thanks for ideas. Hans