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    Weighing scale demo


      For anyone interested in integrating weighing scales with your FileMaker app, either with FileMaker Pro or FileMaker GO.

      Just shot this short video.


      Weighing scale demo | The Brain Basket

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          Thanks for sharing, Claus. I have two applications which will be adding integrated weighing soon (one for laboratory, one for mercantile business), so this is nicely timed. I was going to start researching options, plugins, etc., and you've done part of it for me. 

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            Magnus Fransson

            Hi Claus,


            I do like the idea of communicating between external hardware and FileMaker. And I love to see a comparison between different plugins that can use a serial port. For instance the MBS FileMaker plugin vs. Troi Serial.


            With best regards Magnus Fransson.

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              We have been working with Troi plugins for around 20 years and have found them to be the most stable and rock solid plugins on the market.

              I have not tested the serial functions of the MBS plugin, so I can't tell you the difference.

              But for 10-15 years, I have used the Troi Serial plugin for a number of integrations and it has worked great all the times - and it is easy to work with.


              This video was a challenge that Richard Carlton gave me, to show it in 5 min. I failed and spent 9 min. but also explains a few more stuff.

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                Thank you for these much needed contributions to our development as Filemaker programmers.