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      How can I filter according to least and most amount donated?  And is there a way to see and print a list of all donors under a certain classification rather than searching through one by one?

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          If you are dealing with an entire found-set in Form, List, or Table View you'll want to check into Sorting Records. Performing a Find and then a sort could give the data for a certain classification.


          If using a Portal you can set the Sort and Filter via the Portal Setup. For more information on this, see Working with Portals - Displaying related data.


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            yeah, seems like you just need a slightly more advanced find request.


            FileMaker allows some pretty sophisticated searches including looking for ranges of data.

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              Sounds like you need two find requests. The first request would search the donation amount field for (if $10.00 was the least classification):




              Then choose New Request from the Requests menu and add the second request (if $50.00 was the greatest classification):



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                Yes you can search by classification and probably will want a list view layout to show all of them.


                Regarding min and max, if the donations are in a related table, you can have two portals of that table and sort one ascending and one descending by amount and just show one row in the portal to see the max and min.


                Or you can create an unstored calc in the Donor Names table like:


                Let ( [

                     F1 = DonorNames::ID ;

                     F2 = "SELECT

                                    Max ( GiftsTable.Amount )




                                    DonorID = ?" ;

                     F3 = ExecuteSQL ( F2 ; ¶ ; ¶ ; F1 ) ;

                     F4 = GetAsNumber ( F3 )

                ] ;






                You can substituted "Min" for the "Max" to find the minimum gift amount too.  For minimum you may want to add to the where clause to only search through records where an amount is greater than 0.