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    Find Mode failing in many cases


      If I use the toolbar Find it successfully finds some partial matches (searching for "DEF" finds the record with the field "ABC DEF GHI") but it'll fail to find others (searching for "enter" fails to find the record with the field "center").


      Also, going into Find Mode seems to be less successful and restrictive with Find matches.


      What could be the cause of this? Ideally, I'd like for searches using either method to be thorough and find partial matches.



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          if by toolbar Find you mean quick find the major difference is that quick find operates on ANY field where WQuick find is included in the Inspector. That means that when you search for "The" in quick find and have 100 fields on the layout enabled for quick find it will try to match with "The" in all 100 fields. Going into find mode and entering criteria is more precise. You should look into the details of how to control finds.. i.e learn all the operators and how to use them.

          My point is that find mode will do exactly what you tell it to do.

          If you give it instructions that you dont understand of course youll get unexpected results.

          Find is one of the best features of FM and well worth the effort to master.

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            Markus Schneider

            FileMaker 'finds' words by beginning characters

            Fr will find Fritz, Frederic, Fryday, etc


            If You want to find a string within a word, use wildcards

            *enter will find center

            *ent* will find parent, enter, center, dummdidudummrentabike, etc.


            check for wildcards

            Refining find requests in FileMaker Pro using find operators | FileMaker

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              by toolbar Find, I mean in the top portion of the built-in GUI where it shows buttons for "New Record", "Delete Record", Find, Sort, Share.... and then "Search" with the magnifying glass icon. (the dropdown menu here shows recent searches) This last one is what I mean but toolbar Find.


              For the field containing "center" as an example, these searches all fail.  "ente", "enter", "*ente*"


              Going into Find Mode (Command+F), the wildcard characters work. It finds the record with "*ente*".

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                The field in the tool bar with the magnifying glass does the quick find described earlier.


                Clicking Find, pressing command-F, selecting Find from from the View menu, and selecting from the control in the lower left corner of the window all put the window into Find Mode.


                As stated, Finds from Find Mode do a "starts with" partial match on individual words. Thus, ent will not match to center. *enter should match provided that you do not enclose the asterisk in quotes.

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                  What is the reasoning for a find/search defaulting to "starts with"? That seems to go against nearly every find/search behavior in any other interface.

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                    It's been that way in FileMaker from day 1. (I speak as a developer who first created FileMaker files using FileMaker Pro 2.5.)

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                      You mean FMP 2.1? There hasn't been a version named 2.5.

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                        Markus Schneider

                        You mean: Typing in 'fr' and getting results for every match that starts with 'fr'?


                        A lot of search engines work that way - FileMaker indexes words and this way it helps users to find text without having to type in a full word, it is a 'natural' way IMHO (to find words and not fragments placed inside a word)

                        If You want to find text without 'beginning with', just use wildcards - You can easily define an own 'find' the uses wildcards by default